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Johannesburg wine lovers Fred and Manuela Crabbia, fell in love with the stunning views from the farmhouse. Plans are afoot for a new tasting room.


Excellent Quality Estate Wines!

Diggers Home produces spectacularly crafted wines. The Kitchen offers breakfasts and tapas styled lunches to compliment their wines.

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This small boutique cellar lies situated in the heart of the historic Tulbagh valley, surrounded by the views of the majestic Witzenberg- and Winterhoek mountains and the Klein Berg river.

Tasting R35 per person (wavered on purchase)


Manley Private Cellar is a boutique winery specialising in producing red wines.


Nestled at the foot of the mountain after which it is named, Saronsberg wine estate is a contemporary addition to the rich heritage of Tulbagh valley.

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Theuniskraal, one of the town of Tulbagh’s best-known wine farms and South Africa’s very first white-wine estate, has a history as interesting, and as old, as the village itself.

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Tulbagh Winery was founded in 1906 and ever since produced quality wines.

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Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate specializes in the production of MCC Sparkling Wines with a dedicated range of MCC products on offer.


Waverley is ideally situated overlooking the Wolseley Valley and is surrounded by organically grown vineyards and fynbos.